How To Hang Cabinet Doors While Painting

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How To Hang Cabinet Doors While Painting

Posted by Brun Amie on Sunday, 18 April, 2021 22:08:50

While most cabinets used to have brass hinges, most modern cabinets have stainless-steel or nickel Remove the cabinet doors from the cabinet with a regular or electric screwdriver. Do not use a Step 7 - Hang Cabinet Doors. Finally, lift the cabinet door back into position on the cabinet face.

One such tip was how to hang cabinet doors - don't tighten the screws, just get them in, then tighten one and check that the door stays aligned and closes correctly. If it doesn't, loosen the screw and go to the next. Move from screw to screw tightening and loosening until the door is hanging perfectly.

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Painted doors on a laminate cabinet can look attractive enough to be a design feature. While any kind of paint will adhere, provided you first apply Tack off sanding dust, apply a coat of primer and then at least two top-coats of paint, then give the paint at least 24 hours to dry before re-hanging the doors.

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