How To Paint Old Wood Cabinets White

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How To Paint Old Wood Cabinets White

Posted by Bouthillier Abel on Sunday, 18 April, 2021 21:09:13

Two and a half years ago, I painted our oak kitchen cabinets white and it completely transformed our kitchen. I shared all of the details about the process I used to get a perfectly smooth paint finish even with deep wood grain of our oak cabinets.. Painting our kitchen cabinets was time-consuming, but it was so worth it.

This video shows you exactly how I repainted my old varnished oak kitchen cabinets. I gave my kitchen a whole new look for $250All of the supplies I used can

If your first-choice paint applicator for the traditionally flat surface of laminate cabinets is a brush, take a moment to reconsider. These popular paint tools tend to leave an unsightly trail of

There is less pigment in white furniture paint making it sometimes seem as if it's see through. Don't get discouraged, with primer and two coats of paint your piece will start to look beautiful. This is with two coats of the custom mixed white furniture paint on the cabinet. Step Four in Creating a White Painted Finish

If your repainting project is just a facelift for the cabinets, you don't need to sand and paint the inside of the cabinets; mask off the interiors with painters' tape for a clean finish and sand only the front surfaces and visible edges of the cabinet face frames. Use a wood sanding block to prevent rounding over the wood edges.

Apply a gel or liquid stripping agent to your cabinets with a natural brush. Wood stripper can be purchased at a local hardware store or online. Select a stripper designed for cabinets by reading the label carefully. Fill a paint tray with your stripping agent and apply it to every stained section with a natural brush.